Long Videos

Discover new amazing things about Russian culture,

society, art, movies, music, history and life

acquiring living Russian language naturally at the same time.

What is the idea?


Long videos provide mass listening to real Russian speech made comprehensible with the help of drawings, pictures, gestures and realia. The more you watch the videos listening to Russian made slow and easy to understand for the learners the more your brain soaks in the language, the better audial image of the language you get and naturally acquire its vocabulary and structures.

This is based on the concept of natural approach to language learning and ALG (automatic language growth) that imply a lot of listening to comprehensible and meaningful input and a right to remain silent before speaking.

But the main trick is that you don't focus on learning the language but on learning something new about Russian culture which makes it much more enlightening, useful and fun. 



What you get

  • Hours of pure listening experience focusing on the meaning, no translations, no grammar, no language lessons. 
  • Comprehensible language input
  • Real speech - no "fake-text-book" Russian, only useful vocabulary
  • Touch to Russian culture 



Who is it for?

  • Everyone who wants to improve listening comprehension of live Russian speech
  • Those who want to learn something new about Russian culture
  • Beginners (if you're a zero beginner, I'd recommend to watch my free videos for zero beginners first though)
  • Intermediate learners who still have problems to understand native Russian speakers and want to pick up some new real Russian words
  • Those who want to improve accent and pronunciation 
  • Those who want to let the language emerge naturally and to speak without thinking later on
  • Those who know that we learn a language by listening first, not by speaking first



  • Focus on the meaning but not on the language. You'll acquire the language understanding words and language logic from the context, not checking them in Google Translate.
  • Rewatch many times. Repetition is powerful. Try to rewatch the videos as many times as you can. 
  • Tolerate the ambiguity. Don't try to understand every single word right away from the first time. You'll understand more and more words and phrases every time you rewatch.
  • Be happy to have Echo Phrases. Echo Phrases are phrases or words emerging and sounding in your head unintentionally, without any invitation, after mass listening sessions. Some phrases are understood, some are not, it doesn't really matter. Echo Phrases call for repetition. It's your audial memory starting to work. And this is what we want.
  • Don't write anything down. Focus on oral language. Audial memory will help you speak more native-like and fluently than visual memory later on. If you have some words that stuck in your head (Echo Phrases) that you'd like to check out later use a voice recorder on your phone instead of writing them down.