Russian Culture: from Peter the Great till the Defeat of Napoleon

Europeanization of the elite and epic fail of the Decembrists' revolt who wanted the weakening of autocracy and abolition of serfdom

60 min

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Other videos from this series:

Brief History of Russian Culture (#1)

What is Russian culture? Is it Tolstoy, ballet and Russian avant-garde? Yes. But not only. Let's divide its history into seven eras and look at the main meanings and values in each of them.

70 min

Culture of Kievan Rus' (#2)

A culture between Vikings and Greeks, western kings and asian nomads, with an orthodox worldview built up on Slavic paganism, with Scandinavian and Mongolian elements of social model and governance

73 min

Culture of Muscovite Russia (#3)

Comeback of Russian state after long years of disintegration and Mongol rule

70 min

Golden Age of Russian Culture (#5)

Search of Russia's 'Special Destiny' and faith in common people. Rapid cultural and spiritual upsurge

87 min

Silver Age of Russian Culture (#6)

Sence of foreboding

70 min

From Socialist Revolution to Totalitarism (#7)

Socialist ideas and avant-garde give way to paranoid totalitarism, the Great Terror, total censorship and cultural isolation

80 min

From Stalin's death to Perestroika (#8)

Era of Stagnation. Culture goes underground and flourishes there. No one believes in the official ideology anymore and people are ready for a change.

69 min