New Year Celebration In Russia

Who is there under the Russian New Year Tree? 

What Chinese New Year element was adopted by Russians?

What should absolutely be there on the New Year table?

3 h 10 min

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What's inside

  • 6 videos of 3 h 10 min total duration.
  • Additional links to traditional Russian and Soviet New Year movies and cartoons available on Youtube




1. Where and with whom do Russians celebrate New Year? 14 min

2. How do Russians decorate the New Year Tree? 24 min

3. How to get presents from Ded Moroz? 21 min

4. What do Russians believe in concerning New Year? 16 min

5. Cooking a legendary New Year salad "Olivier"  1 h 5 min

6. Cooking a traditional New Year salad #2  55 min