Conversational Sessions


✓ Beginners

✓ Intermediate

✓ Comprehensible input method fans

To get

✓ Individual highly relevant comprehensible input

✓ Video recordings
✓ Audio summaries


✓ Practicing oral comprehension
✓ Improving speaking abilities
✓ Staying consistent

Format options

 Russian - Russian

 Russian - English

 Russian - Silence

✓ Zoom / Google Meet

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What do we do at conversational sessions?


- We speak on any topic that naturally emerges in the conversation. Life, personal stories, movies, music, art, food, society, science – anything that adults usually talk about.


- I speak Russian all the time, drawing, using gestures, illustrations, maps, sharing the screen - anything to make myself understood without translation.


- You can speak Russian or English depending on your level.


- I speak slowly and clearly, adjusting the vocabulary and sentences structures to your level.


- No English from me. English is limited to about 5% of the time.


- No grammar. Very short 5 seconds grammar explanations may pop up quite rarely especially on your demand. If you really love grammar, then I’d recommend having a mass listening experience and having internalized some grammar intuitionally first and then turning to grammar (not learning) to check yourself or clear something up. 


- You start speaking little by little giving short answers to simple questions at early production stage extending the answers and your own messages gradually at a natural convenient pace at following stages.


- You can make video recordings of our meetings for rewatching them later several times which boosts your progress significantly.