Comprehensible Russian


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Listening practice, immersion in Russian language from scratch, learning new words and grammar constructions with ease from clue-rich contexts, no translation needed.


Compatible with methods like Stephen Krashen's Natural Approach, ALG (Automatic Language Growth) or Refold, as well as traditional methods, Comprehensible Russian provides you with content on various topics entirely in live unscripted Russian language brought down to your level of comprehension with the help of drawings, pictures, gestures and realia.


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Videos that were not published on Youtube for this or that reason.

Extended versions, personal stories or videos with minor technical imperfections.

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Audio versions of the videos help accelerate your progress increasing the amount of immersion time. Just download the audios and listen to them on the go throughout the day. Have your listening practice in your pocket.


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Private Conversational Sessions


Schedule Russian lessons to get individual highly relevant comprehensible input for practicing oral comprehension, improving speaking abilities and staying consistent


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