Achieve true fluency in Russian



Comprehensible Russian is a resource of learning content for those who want to develop real abilities in the language rather than just getting knowledge about it. Watch interesting videos, acquire real Russian language naturally and… enjoy progress!

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True Fluency


Fluency in a language gives a different perspective on the world, connects with the culture and people. And it feels good.

Theory Is Not Enough


Just like studying a car mechanism doesn't transport us anywhere, memorizing rules and vocabulary alone doesn't bring us to fluency.


I know how frustrating the lack of ability to really use the language can be, not being able to understand native speakers and express yourself.

Fill the Gap between Theory and Practice


According to Stephen Krashen, we acquire languages naturally and unconsciously when we understand the meaning of messages, not the rules they are built with. 


Comprehension is the mother of all language abilities. Comprehension results in acquisition. Acquisition, in its turn, results in language production. Not vice versa.

Watch and Listen a Lot First


To build up comprehension you need comprehensible input. Watching rich visual context gives you hints for guessing the meaning of Russian speech and lets you acquire new vocabulary and grammar even at zero-level.


Here, at Comprehensible Russian, you are going to find hours of content designed to be not only comprehensible for zero beginners, beginners and intermediate learners but also enlightening, useful and fun.

Progress and Reach Fluency


Massive listening to highly comprehensible Russian content will let you:

  • Develop listening comprehension and general auditory image of Russian
  • Lay the base for a native-like accent
  • Grow vocabulary
  • Acquire grammar
  • Later use the acquired language automatically, without thinking

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