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Comprehensible Russian is the first and the only creator of super easy to understand videos on various topics entirely in Russian brought down to the learners' level, for learning the language naturally.

Thanks to your support, I hope to keep on making free videos and eventually to go full-time to create higher quality videos and content that is more diverse.

​I would like you, the Russian learners, to discover new amazing things about Russian culture, society, art, movies, music, history and life acquiring living Russian language at the same time. I want you to enjoy what you watch so much that you forget about watching it entirely in Russian.

My dream is to create abundant online media library with enlightening, useful and entertaining content with comprehensible input on Russia and Russian language. 
That's a lot of work to do ahead. 
But I have a fire in my belly to make this project grow and I dedicate all my free time to it.

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